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National Audit Office’s Annual Report to Parliament 2020

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Unstable times call for long-term fiscal policy, management of central government finances and renewal of public administration

Central government has operated flexibly under the exceptional circumstances. The significance of long-term action and foresight are emphasized in the management of central government finances under uncertain economic conditions.

The website presents the key conclusions of the National Audit Office regarding the state of central government finances and public administration, and a review of its operations during the past year.

Auditor General Tytti Yli-Viikari: Resilient central government safeguards the building of the future

Central government must be able to renew itself and recover amid change. Changes in the operating environment and the broadness of political issues challenge the public administration to restructure its operations towards open networks.

Uncertainty of forecasts should be taken into account in the pursuit of balanced general government finances

Fiscal policy should be supported by multifaceted sustainability assessments. The impacts of measures should be assessed regularly during the parliamentary term.

The state’s financial management can be supported by unifying the budget

The budget drafting regulations are applied differently in different administrative branches. Clearer budgeting would support compliance with the budget.

Management of employment calls for accurate information on the impact of measures

The measures promoting employment and subsistence should serve people in different situations. The impacts of the measures on general government finances should be examined.

Investments should be examined in terms of their entire lifecycle

Central government must be able to maintain its assets. It is important to prepare for maintenance and repair costs already when decisions on investments are made.

National Audit Office produces information for future needs

We have active cooperation with our stakeholders. Our proactive audits bring essential information to topical debate.

Dynamic visualizations on economy and employment

On this page, you can view dynamic visualizations that provide background information and more detailed data on the themes discussed in the annual report.